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Guillaume Smet

Taming GraalVM with Quarkus: booting Hibernate ORM in 30 ms

Guillaume Smet
Red Hat

Microservices, rapid scalability & high density deployment platforms like Kubernetes require apps with low memory usage and fast boot time. Java had been the outsider due to its focus on throughput at the expense of CPU & RAM.

No more.

Enter Quarkus, a microservices Java stack bringing your favorite libs (Hibernate, Vert.x, Camel, RESTEasy ...) to GraalVM and HotSpot with low memory usage and fast boot time. Enough to swim in containers like fish in the water.

Data is usually the hardest part, let's demonstrate Quarkus with persistence, Hibernate ORM, Hibernate Search, and Elasticsearch. Come explore live reload, opinionated persistence with Hibernate Panache, testing, GraalVM native compilation and more. Since Quarkus is better lived than talked, expect a heavy demo session.

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After 13 years in the service industry, Guillaume joined Red Hat 3 years ago to work on the Hibernate portfolio (ORM, Search, Validator).

He is the Hibernate Validator project lead and a major Quarkus contributor.

He lives in Lyon, France.

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