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Marek Kratky

Building Java Microservices Applications on Oracle Cloud

Marek Kratky
Oracle Czech Republic

Java is one of the main tools for creating enterprise applications, thanks to a series of standards and specifications whose implementations have allowed us to manage crucial aspects such as transactions, security, scalability, concurrency, and management of components.

Now the question could be — is Java still a good choice to make microservices and cloud-native applications? In my opinion, the answer is yes. In this practical session, we will walk through the agile process of building a Java microservices application and deploying it using a containerized CI/CD pipeline to a managed Kubernetes service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We will also briefly touch on each topic of the DevOps lifecycle and discuss how these are supported by various tools available in Oracle Cloud.

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Marek has been working with Oracle technology since 1998, starting with the Database, Java, later SOA and Cloud Platform and he has worked in different capacities in Training, Consulting and Presales. Recently Marek has been leading presales functional and technical support activity to prospective clients and customers as well as supporting customers with Oracle technology adoption and ensuring customer satisfaction. His work has involved formulating and building demonstrations and proof of concepts motivated by challenges and new opportunities in areas of IoT, Fast Data, Mobile, BPM, Cloud Infrastructure, Microservices, AI and other. He has a special interest in continuous integration and delivery practices and high performance, scalability and high availability architectures including on premise and cloud deployments.

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