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Anamarija Talijanac and Irena Kezić

Set up a reliable, high performant distributed messaging infrastructure with Kafka

Anamarija Talijanac and Irena Kezić
IBM Hrvaška

As the world has gone mobile, it has become mandatory to make data available in real-time. The need for hyper-fast distributed, partitioned, replicated commit log service will only grow.

Take advantage of Apache Kafka and exploit the rapidly evolving capabilities of event streaming platform inside modern business solutions. Overcoming traditional messaging topology challenges with event processing in complex distributed system integration.Integrating Apache Kafka with IBM WebSphere Application Server using Java EE Connector Architecture. Benefits of encapsulating resource management with JCA resource adapters.

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Anamarija Talijanac is a consultant and application architect at IBM working on design, implementation, system integration and solution modelling of enterprise service-oriented distributed systems. For the passed 11 years she has been working on a series of projects in Government, Smart Card, Telecommunications and Banking industries. Anamarija is passionate about technology, learning new things and helping others. Programmer, mentor and speaker.

Irena Kezić is working on domestic as well as international IT projects as a consultant and IT Specialist at IBM Irena gained exhaustive technical knowledge, analytical approach to solving problems and developed strong interpersonal and communication skills. She has actively taken part in complex systems solution design, development and implementation.

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