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Richard Martens

APEX's classic report: the power of no template

Richard Martens

The classic report is one of the APEX components that are a bit undervalued. It offers great potential when you must adjust the generated HTML after it has been sent to the browser. The session will introduce concepts for creating highly adjustable reports which allow lots of user interaction.

The presentation will introduce a no template that will open our classic report to use the entire HTML5 box of tricks.

The session will also explain how to hook up external libraries like a knockout to your reports.

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Richard Martens has been involved in information technology for more than 20 years. He started as a web developer using the Oracle database as no more than data storage. Richard has been responsible for major European multilingual websites and has been working with the Oracle database since 2000. During those years, he developed himself using a multitude of technologies and specialized in PL/SQL and Oracle APEX. With APEX, he combines the things he loves most: the Oracle database and web technologies.

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