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Lino Schildenfeld

Modern apps by mastering Universal theme

Lino Schildenfeld

With all enhancements that latest version of APEX brought we will demonstrate how to easily build responsive/modern apps suitable for all screen sizes without having to be CSS experts.

Additionally, we will explore some of the underutilized secrets of Universal Theme and learn about its gem CSS classes that can simplify your design asks.

At the end, we will cruise through the latest APEX components and their best use cases that can make your apps shine again. Join me for this 45 minutes demo session where we will build an app following a few basic principals to demonstrate the power of UT. Aimed at an audience of all levels.

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Freelance APEX consultant with 13+ years of experience. Consulted for APEX R&D, Skillbuilders team and most recently for-all-a-beautiful-earth. Worked with clients in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand across all sectors.
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