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Daniel Huha

APEX Translations - Deployment and Best Practices

Daniel Huha
BiLog d.o.o.

Multilingual support in our APEX applications, depending on the nature of projects we are working on, can be planned from the start, or totally neglected if we develop a single language application.

Therefore, working with translations can be totally ignored by APEX developers, or this can become a tedious secondary chore with little effort invested in it.

This lecture gives an overview of translation support in APEX, demonstrates ways of deployment and gives some best practice advice for translations, to cause fewer headaches for developers.

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Daniel Huha is a Software Consultant, working in BiLog d.o.o. from Zagreb. He's focused on Oracle APEX solutions, with the experience acquired through eight years of work on small and large applications, in domestic and foreign projects (Orbico, Croatia Insurance, Allianz Russia, Allianz Zagreb, Unicredit BiH). By graduating at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, he acquired the title of Master of Informatics. While working in BiLog, he acquired the PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional certificate. Along with Oracle development tools, his interests lie in modern Web technologies and trends.

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