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Neil Chandler

Database Stats. Doing It Right, The Easy Way

Neil Chandler
Chandler Systems

Oracle Statistics are critical to the optimizer and your system performance, whether on-premises, in the Cloud or Autonomous.

If your statistics do not reflect your data, the optimizer will be working with incorrect assumptions and you may get poor execution plans. Your stats are always wrong. They contain estimates, guesses, assumptions and analysis of partial data samples.

This talk will show my preferred approach to gathering database stats, ensuring you have the best stats that you reasonably can for your data and keeping your execution plans stable and accurate.

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Neil has been working in IT since 1988, and with Oracle software since 1991 in both a Production Support and Development capacity. Neil is an independent consultant who specializes in Performance Tuning, RAC, DataGuard, and Goldengate. Neil also works with SQL Server, MariaDB and other databases. Neil is an Oracle ACE Director, and a board member of the UKOUG He likes to drink strong smooth Italian coffee, good beer and better whiskey, depending upon the time of day.
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