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Ludovico Caldara

Long live to CMAN! Or Oracle still cares about CMAN: you should do it too!

Ludovico Caldara

The Oracle Connection Manager (CMAN) is the Swiss-army knife for database connections. It can be used for security, routing, high availability, single-point of contact...

Starting with Oracle 18c, it has been extended with the new Traffic Director Mode (CMAN TDM), that allows transparent failover for applications that do not implement it natively.

In this session, I will introduce briefly what CMAN is capable of, how to configure it in a high availability environment, and how the new release achieves a higher protection level.

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Ludovico is an Oracle ACE Director and database specialist with two decades of experience on Oracle and other database products. He has administered literally thousands of databases in big datacenters so he has developed a natural leaning to automation, monitoring and high availability. He is an active blogger, frequent speaker and a confirmed Community contributor, working for CERN in Switzerland.
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