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Chaitanya Koratamaddi

Using Oracle APEX on Oracle Database Cloud Services

Chaitanya Koratamaddi

Oracle Cloud provides a set of autonomous and customer-managed Oracle Database services available in flexible configurations to meet your needs, large or small, with the performance of dedicated hardware.

This session provides steps in detail to set up and get started with Oracle APEX environment in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In this session, you learn how to:

  • Set up the most affordable Oracle APEX environment on OCI Compute with Oracle Database 18c XE
  • Install Oracle APEX on your OCI DBCS using tried and true (conventional) methods or modern Terraform templates
  • Get started with Oracle APEX in the Autonomous Database You also learn how Oracle APEX enables you to seamlessly lift and shift apps to Oracle Database Cloud Services.

This session also covers Oracle APEX new features.

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