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Chris Saxon

How to Find Patterns in Your Data with SQL: An Introduction to match_recognize

Chris Saxon

SQL is a powerful language for accessing data. Using analytic functions, you can gain lots of insights from your data. But there are many problems which are hard or outright impossible to solve using these.

Introduced in 12c, the row pattern matching clause, match_recognize, fills this gap. With this, it's easy to write efficient SQL to answer many previously tricky questions.

This session introduces the match_recognize clause. It will use worked examples to show how it works and show how it's easier to write and understand than traditional SQL solutions.

This talk is for developers and data analysts that need to do advanced data analysis.

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Chris Saxon is an Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL. His job is to help you get the best out of the Oracle Database and have fun with SQL!

To help you with this he blogs at All Things SQL ( He also creates videos combining SQL and magic on YouTube at The Magic of SQL.

If you have questions about working with Oracle Database technology, please reach out to him. You can do this via Twitter or on Ask TOM.

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