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Alex Nuijten and Chris Saxon

SQL Syntax: Oracle vs. ANSI. Fight!

Alex Nuijten and Chris Saxon

Debates over whether it is better to use Oracle syntax or ANSI in your SQL rage on the internet. It is time to settle these once and for all!

In the blue corner, Alex will champion ANSI style. And in the red corner, Chris will defend Oracle syntax. In a best-of-three battle, covering joins, functions and recursive queries they will each highlight the benefits of their chosen style.

This session is for developers looking to expand their SQL skills and understand the pros and cons of the syntax methods.

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Alex Nuijten is an independent consultant (allAPEX), specializing in Oracle database development with PL/SQL and Oracle Application Express (APEX) and member of the Smart4APEX Guild. Besides his consultancy work, he conducts training classes, mainly in APEX, SQL and PL/SQL. Alex has been a speaker at numerous international conferences, such as ODTUG, Oracle Open World, UKOUG, IOUG, OUGF, BGOUG, nlOUG APEX World and OBUG. For his presentations, Alex received several Best Speaker awards. He wrote many articles in Oracle related magazines, and at regular intervals, he writes about Oracle Application Express and Oracle database development on his blog "Notes on Oracle" ( Alex is the co-author of the following books “Oracle APEX Best Practices” (published by Packt Publishers) and “Real World SQL and PL/SQL” (published by Oracle Press). Because of his contributions to the Oracle community, Alex was awarded the Oracle ACE Director membership in August 2010.

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