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Gautier DI FOLCO

Lessons learnt from going reactive with Reactor

Gautier DI FOLCO

Apache James is a mail server with a long history. A huge part of it's work is to deal with Inputs Outputs (IMAP, SMTP, Jmap, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, AWS S3, and so on), in order to speed up James, lots of parallelism have been introduced.

All went fine until have discovered that the parallelism was killing our performances. At this point we have decided to go reactive with Reactor, here is what we have learn.

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After working 3 years in the embedded and security software development, Gautier now works for Linagora, on Apache James, an Open Source mail server. His main tasks are to improve robustness, scalability, and security. He is also an occasional Haskell teacher. His interests are functional programming, distributed systems, and security.

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