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Matheus Boesing

Oracle Database Migration and Consolidation Techniques

Matheus Boesing
The Pythian Group

Migrating and Consolidating databases or servers is a regular task for DBAs all over the world, caused mostly by hardware upgrades, RAC revision, application decommissioning and other strategic decisions.

But which tools Oracle provides us to help on this process?

This session covers the main tools and techniques to be used for database consolidation projects, including migration tools, workload simulating and go to live strategies.

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Working for Pythian as Lead Database Consultant, Matheus is a Computer Scientist by PUCRS and has been working exclusively as Oracle DBA for the last 10 years. Matheus is also Oracle Instructor and a PostGraduation Professor under Databases related topics. Enthusiast of Cloud Computing, PaaS/DBaaS, Continuous Delivery and Database Task Automation, Matheus is specialized on infrastructure, performance tuning and high availability. Matheus is a well known speaker in Latin America, founder and author of, an official Latin American OTN Blog, where he shares his experiences with weekly posts. Matheus is also the first Brazilian ACE Cloud.
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