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Kostis Kapelonis

Docker antipatterns

Kostis Kapelonis

In this presentation we will see some common pitfalls when it comes to Docker image.

Some examples are:

  • Creating Docker files that are not transparent.
  • Creating Dockerfiles that have side effects.
  • Confusing images used for deployment with those used for development.
  • Building different images per environment.
  • Pulling code from git into production servers and building images on the fly.
  • Promoting git hashes between teams.
  • Hardcoding secrets into container images.

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Kostis Kapelonis is a developer advocate at Codefresh, a continuous delivery platform built for Kubernetes and containers. Formerly a Software Engineer, Kostis has years of experience containerizing applications, building CI/CD pipelines, and developing Java applications. He lives in Greece and loves roller skating.
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