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Piet de Visser

Serverless, this can happen.

Piet de Visser

Serverless can work. Two Customers were fed up with the ticketing-SLA from the “service provider”. They followed the agile-gurus and went “Serverless”, taking a set of “legacy” systems to “The Cloud”.

Going Serverless definitely gave back control to the (IT department of) the customer, but there were some challenges. The deployment in the new situation is either via Containers or Lambdas, and the databases are all DBaaS (actually AWS-RDS, and still mostly Oracle). Because two different customers did take two different approaches, we are able to compare and learn something from both cases. The overall experience has been very positive and has given us a few lessons about our legacy-systems, software-tools and the data, in the process. There are some interesting plans for the near future as well hence the content of this presentation may grow or adjust over time.

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Piet is an experienced Database Consultant and DBA. He is in IT since 1987 and specializes in Oracle-, Postgres- and Databases-related technology since 1994. He combines conceptual knowledge and technical know-how with extensive experience in global and complex organizations.

His personality and language-skills make him ideal for pioneering and ground-breaking projects in a multi-national environment.

He also invests a lot of effort in maintaining a network of Like-Minded database-specialists worldwide and is a regular speaker at international user group events and symposia.

Piet likes to Travel, speaks various languages more or less fluently, and is alway interested in learning how to say Hello"" and ""Thank You"" in a few more languages (provided he can learn it in-situ).

Specialties: Piet specializes in databases and Availability and his philosophy is that Simple systems offer Higher Availability."

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