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Paul McCarthy and Steven Tobin

Accelerating Cloud Native CI/CD capabilities with Ansible Tower and Jenkins

Paul McCarthy and Steven Tobin
Red Hat

Based on the real-world experiences from the Cloud Services Engineering team at Red Hat, this talk will demonstrate how the introduction of Ansible Tower alongside existing Jenkins CI/CD tooling can enhance the compatibility testing of multi-product, cloud-native solutions running on OpenShift, Red Hat’s flagship container platform.

In this session, you will also learn how Ansible Tower’s auditing, logging, and dynamic inventory features can introduce efficiency improvements and foster greater cross-team collaboration in your organization as a whole.

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Paul McCarthy is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat with over 9 years of industry experience in varying DevOps roles. He is a member of the Cloud Services Engineering team which is a driving force behind an initiative to help teams develop, build and deploy enterprise integration solutions on OpenShift using the Red Hat product portfolio.

Steven Tobin is an Associate Software Engineer at Red Hat, having held various DevOps and Engineering-centric roles across multiple teams therein. He is now part of the Cloud Services Engineering team focusing on automation and infrastructure management.

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