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Marko Lukša

Istio Service Mesh - the magic between your microservices

Marko Lukša
Red Hat

Before running your microservices in production, you'll realize you need things like traffic splitting, automatic connection retries, timeouts and failovers, distributed metrics, tracing and logging, as well as secure communication and authentication between your services. By introducing Istio and a few related tools into your architecture, you get all of that and more. And you get most of it without adding a single line of code.

In this talk, you'll learn how Istio can enhance your microservices-based system. After learning about Istio's features and concepts, you'll see a demonstration of how Istio makes it trivial to monitor all your services with Prometheus and Grafana, debug them using Jaeger distributed tracing and observe them using Kiali.

O Avtorju

Marko Lukša is the author of "Kubernetes in Action" (Manning Publications, Jan. 2018) and software engineer at Red Hat / IBM, focusing on Istio, OpenShift, Kubernetes, and related technologies.

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